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About Us

Professional hitting instruction and video swing analysis are the single most important factors why some players excel and move onto the next level of play. However, these may not be available to everyone. Lessons involve a significant commitment of time as well as financial investment. Video swing analysis is only available with the right slow-motion enhanced software.

ProSwingRx was founded to change that. It provides everyone with the opportunity to receive the most advanced professional hitting instruction available anywhere! And our membership program allows you to upload, store, and review your own videos using our state-of-the-art swing analysis software.

MEMBERSHIP / PERSONAL SWING ANALYSIS: The benefits of slow-motion video swing analysis are game changing! View and analyze your entire swing in slow motion, isolate any position in your swing, draw and edit your video, and print out your entire swing sequence in 4 different layouts, with up to 16 still frames! And by comparing to your previous videos, you can see exactly what you need to correct!

LESSONS: Online instruction has many benefits:
    Convenience: You simply send us a video of your swing from home, or better yet, send us an actual "live" video of your swing from a game appearance!

    No Appointment Necessary: Professional instruction on your schedule, whenever you need it!

    Fast! Have your swing analyzed within 24 hours of sending us a video!

    Expert Instruction: Receive the same expert instruction that until now, was only available to a few selected players, including Major League Baseball.

    Affordable: The best instruction available for less than half the cost of private lessons!
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