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How It Works

    1 - Register as a Member: Upload, store, and review your own videos using our state-of-the-art swing analysis software!
How It Works - LESSONS
    1 - Register
    • Become a ProSwingRx member and you will be assigned a locker.
    • Complete the profile questionnaire. Select your lesson package.
    2 - Upload a Video
    • Film your swing from a live game or batting practice. You will be given detailed instructions on proper filming techniques, including the correct film angle and length needed.
    • Sign-in and head to your locker. Upload your video.
    3 - Swing Analysis and Instruction
    • Your swing analysis and instruction will be completed within 24 hours and sent to your locker. You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as it is ready.
    • Each analysis will remain in your locker as a "history" of your swing. This allows you to compare the key positions of your swing to any date in the past, monitor your progress, or share it with your coach.
    • You can view your swing analysis in the video player, or print the key position images for comparison and sharing.
Your professional swing analysis and instruction includes the following:
  • Detailed swing analysis, broken down frame-by-frame.
  • "Key positions" in the swing are isolated and identified for future comparison.
  • Written instructions will appear next to each "key position" in your swing.
  • Visual instructions are "drawn" directly onto the images and highlight what you need to correct.
  • Instructional videos and training drills are provided so you can work on your swing on your own time!
To view an example of a swing analysis and instruction, click here

To start getting the results you want today, click here

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