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A Sample Swing Analysis

Here is a sample of what a ProSwingRx swing analysis looks like in a member's "locker". After you upload a video, your swing analysis and lesson will be sent back to your locker. You can view your most recent analysis, or reference one from the past to monitor your progress.

Video Results - Swing Analyses and Lessons
Below are some actions you can take while viewing a swing analysis. Give it a try!
  1. Swing Feedback:  Click on the arrow to the right of the video in the playlist. This will display a list of "key positions".
  2. Key Position:  Click on a "key position" in the list. This will display detailed feedback from your coach.
  3. Video Player:  Buttons include play, stop, pause, advance one frame, reverse one frame, next "key position", previous "key position", and full screen. The "key positions" are also indicated in the video timeline.
  4. Print:  Click on the print icon on the right, below the video player. You can preview and print the entire swing analysis in 5 different layouts.
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